Body Treatments

Sugar GlowZenyama Sugar Glow60 min./$135

Our customized and signature scent, Green Tea and Lemon Verbena, are infused to sugar and oil to provide a sweet exfoliation of your dead skin cells, increase circulation and improve the softness of your skin. We use sugar rather than salt because sugar is more acidic and benefits the PH balance of extremely dry and itchy skin. After a shower, you will return to the table for body butter and a hydrating mist. A lovely treatment any time of the year.

Green Tea and Crushed Rice Scrub60 min./$135

Green Tea, long revered for its antioxidant properties, is the cornerstone of this amazingly fresh body scrub. Crushed rice, green tea extract, green tea leaves and bamboo powder combine in a Thai-inspired treat that sloughs dead skin cells to reveal fresher, healthier looking skin. Our creamy scrub will emulsify when it comes in contact with water, so it wlll rinse clean and leave you feeling remarkably soft without oily residue. A non-scented body butter will be applied, leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshingly clean.

Galvanic Body Contouring  — 20 min./$45

A perfect add-on to a massage. This treatment will provide slimming and firming to one area of your body. A Lufra Scrub will be applied to the area of treatment to exfoliate the skin. A firming gel will then be worked into the area for 15 minutes, revitalizing the circulation to the area, breaking down cellulite and minimizing any wrinkles or cellulite.

ScrubFoot and Lower Leg Sugar Scrub (15 minutes)15 min./$40.00

This is the perfect add-on while you are treating yourself to a facial. While your mask sits and works wonders on your face, your esthetician will exfoliate your feet and calves, leaving them soft and silky.

Ion Cleansing — 50 min./$80

Need a great detoxification treatment?  Ion Cleansing is simple yet highly effective.  It removes excess toxins, including heavy metals, uric and lactic acid build-up, plaque, oxidized fats and many other ailments that intrude upon your body.

Positive and negative charged ions are generated into a warm footbath.  These atoms magnetically attract and attach to various toxic particles.  They then exit the body via osmosis through the feet.

When finished, we will sterilize your feet, give you a foot massage and apply a stimulating foot lotion that will send you on your way feeling invigorated

L.E.D. Light Therapy

10 Min. — $25
20 Min. — $50


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