At Life Essentials Day Spa we offer traditional spa services such as massages, facials, manicures and pedicures but we also offer several additional body treatments that you may have never heard of.
Below are treatments you can add on to your spa service or book as standalone services that will have you feeling invigorated, slimmed down and relaxed. Remember, you don’t have limit yourself to just one service. Our front desk advisors can build a custom treatment for you that incorporates every service you want.
Foot and Lower Leg Scrub: While most of our body services are best suited to add-ons to your Steamboat massage, our foot and lower leg scrub makes every facial better. As you relax and let your facemask rejuvenate your skin, your aesthetician will exfoliate your feet and calves with our signature scrub while giving them a brief massage. Does it get any better than this?
Galvanic Body Contouring: We recommend body contouring to help firm and slim one specific area of your body. For this service a Lufra Scrub exfoliates before the firming gel is rubbed onto the skin for fifteen minutes to improve circulation and break down cellulite. Our exclusive gel also works to minimize wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite.
Green Tea and Crushed Rice Scrub: Green tea has proven antioxidant properties and is the base ingredient for this 60-minute body scrub. Crushed rice, green tea extract, green tea leaves and bamboo powder help remove dead skin for younger looking skin. While the scrub feels creamy it dissolves with water leaving skin clean, soft and refreshed. Afterwards body butter is applied for a silky soft finish to your skin.
Hot Scalp Oil Treatment: Our hot scalp oil treatment is the perfect add-on to any massage. You have the option of one of three different essential oil blends (carefully chosen to improve well-being) that are massaged into your scalp. Head massages are often considered one of the most relaxing parts of a massage so go ahead and treat yourself.
Life Touch Therapy: Aroma therapy is the first ingredient in this 30-minute treatment. After that the AromaTouch Technique minimizes systematic stressors to autonomic balance. Applications of essential oils are added throughout the treatment.
Zenyama Sugar Glow: Our Zenyama Sugar Glow treatment lasts for a delicious sixty minutes. Green Tea and Lemon Verbena are infused to sugar and oil to help exfoliate skin and promote healthier skin. This treatment is also designed to stimulate circulation. So why sugar and not salt? Sugar is more acidic that salt and decreases the instances of dry, irritated skin after the treatment. When your body scrub is complete you can enjoy a hot shower before relaxing rest on the massage table for a body butter and hydrating mist application.
You deserve the very best and at Life Essentials Day Spa we strive to bring that to you. To book any of the above services, please call Life Essentials Day Spa today so we can make you feel like a queen tomorrow.

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