Are you looking for the best manicures and pedicures in Steamboat Springs?  Steamboat Springs sits at an altitude of 6,900 feet above sea level. The air is dry and crisp, which is why Steamboat’s snow is world famous. But visiting or living at this altitude may cause your hands and feet to become dry, irritated or even crack. Visitors here may find their feet are worn down from multiple days of skiing, shopping or just general play in this winter wonderland.  If this is the case, take some time out and treat yourself to a spa manicure or spa pedicure at Life Essentials Day Spa.  We offer basic manicures and pedicures at affordable prices.  Or, you can upgrade to our spa level services and truly pamper your hands and feet during this special time for yourself.
What sets Life Essentials Day Spa above your typical nail salon is the intimate setting.  You can enjoy all of the benefits of a standard manicure or pedicure as you relax while conversing with one of our talented aestheticians and take a deep breath of relief knowing you are not inhaling the harsh toxins you might at other salons.  We purposely do not use acrylics as to keep our guests safe and healthy and the air in our spa fresh and pleasant.
For each treatment, we use a premium line of products with a color palette for every style and personality.  As you soak your hands or feet, let your worries fade away and let us take care of you.

What to Expect During Manicures and Pedicures

Once you arrive and are settled in, a warm soak for your hands or feet is prepared. Next, your nails are prepped with a good trimming, cuticle refinement and general cleaning.  Your nail technician then takes your hands or feet and exfoliates away impurities. Of course, no mani/pedi is complete without a good polishing, and you can choose from a fun selection of colors. Upgrade to a French manicure for only $10 extra.
If you really want to pamper yourself, upgrade to a Foot and Lower Leg Sugar Scrub. In fifteen minutes, your calves and feet will be exfoliated, massaged and pampered. Or you can try our 50 minute Ion Cleansing. Positive and negative charged ions are generated into a warm foot bath. As your feet soak, the atoms magnetically attract and attach to various toxic particles. Through osmosis they exit the body. After the ion soak, your feet will be sterilized before we treat you to a foot massage. What better way to say thank you to your feet for carrying you around all day? Book your appointment online today!

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